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EPISODE 307: Maxed Out At ThE U.S. Grand Prix

Max Verstappen puts in an impressive performance to hold off Lewis Hamilton and his kinder-to-tires Mercedes. Sergio Perez plays a critical helping role. And I speak with Dr. Franka Schröder and Katharina Rees at Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen about life inside the factory of a Formula 1 team!

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Podcast 274: Episode 8 of 2021 – Red Bull Racing’s Three Day Mystery Launch and More

Podcast 271: Episode 5 of 2021 – 2021 Formula 1 Covered in Detail

  • Robin
    • Is joined by Christopher Roche
    • Discusses the new-car debut calendar
    • The TBC, 23 race schedule
    • The 2021 rule changes and their likely effects
    • The driver line-up for 2021
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