F1Show Live Episode 100 Event: Saturday October 8th

As announced in our episode 099, the F1 Show will be hosting a live viewing party and discussion this Saturday, October 8th, during both the Australian V8 Supercars Bathurst 1000 and the Japanese Grand Prix from Suzuka!

Coverage starts at 6:00 PM Eastern Time (22:00 GMT) and goes well into the night. Check http://f1show.com for the live viewing link, and make sure you follow http://facebook.com/f1show and http://twitter.com/thef1show for real-time updates.

8 thoughts on “F1Show Live Episode 100 Event: Saturday October 8th”

  1. Thank you, guys. It’s lovely of you to celebrate the occasion of my 38th birthday with your 100th episode. I can’t imagine how much preparation went into planning those mid-season, post-season and pre-season extra episodes, just to bump the numbers up.
    But seriously:
    Happy 1st Century! Here’s to many more to come. Cheers!

  2. 100 Shows! What a milestone, well done guys. Looking forward to the next 100 to celebrate a double century. To paraphrase a geeky saying, ‘you save the world, one show at a time’.

  3. Will Definately be logging in. Love your show (and SidePodcast, but not going to get into that lame war business). Can’t get the Bathurst race in the UK but I think the UK BBC coverage starts at 6AM so ideal.

  4. In honour of your 100th episode I have decided to stock up on Root Beer. This is actually a lot harder than it sounds… Only found it in one store so far in the UK, and it’s weirdly an Australian brand!
    I predict Jenson for the win, with Vettel second, unless Lewis tries to dive between them at the start, taking them all out… In which case Kamui Kobayashi stays on a long second stint to pip Alonso for the win!
    Either way, enjoy the race and keep cranking out my favourite F1 podcast.

  5. Mark

    If you have satellite or cable, you may well have Motors TV, and the the Bathurst race is on it live from 11pm throughout the night.

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