2 thoughts on “Episode 100: Live Streaming with Video!”

  1. Not sure I really made myself clear in Skype, and didn’t really get another chance, but just wanted to thank you both for the event you put on this weekend.

    It must have taken a great deal of time and effort to get the systems in place.

    It’s a shame that Speed put a fly in the ointment, but I still had a lot of fun. It was great to hear from some other listeners, and to be able to see you two, and Hamilton the cat, filling time so effortlessly.

    Thanks for thanking me once again, but really I should be thanking you. Your podcast has created the Facebook community that I have such fun interacting with, and it’s what I look forward to most on my Monday run following a race. Congratulations on your 100th Show; here’s to many more.

    NB: I watched the first hour, and the last three. I hate to think I missed anything in the meantime (I certainly missed my audio message to you, and didn’t hear any others either). Maybe you should do a highlights, and an extended highlights, show! I’d take the whole audio if you have it.

  2. Hi Guys, great show. Great way to watch the F1 and the V8 Super Taxi’s. Shame Speed hosed you over a bit on the timings, was funny to see Australian adds on the TV next to Jim.

    Heres to another 100 shows!



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