F1Show 099: Singapore Grand Prix 2011

-P1 cut short at Singapore due to curbing coming loose?

-Red Bull strong in Practice, Vettel on top of P2, Webber fastest P3.

-Oh My God! Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the Singapore Grand Prix!

-Only seven participate in Q3, Schumacher, Di Resta, and Sutil couldn’t be bothered.

-Sebastian Vettel wins the Singapore Grand Prix! It was really close….no, actually it wasn’t

-Button continues to impress and put McLaren’s best foot forward, finishing second.

-Hamilton and Massa get together again, Hamilton collects another penalty.

-Schumacher and Perez come together, Schey gets the worst of it and ends in day in the wall!

-Episode 100 special!! Live Bathurst 1000 and Suzuka GP coverage. Join us!

-Listener feedback/trivia/predictions

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3 thoughts on “F1Show 099: Singapore Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Another great show as usual.

    For all listeners in the UK, the Bathurst 1000 is on Motors TV, Sunday 8th October

    Can’t wait for the special show, happy 100th guys


  2. Great show as usual. I couldn’t help but notice a small factual error in your Singapore show when you talked about the Massa/Hamilton incident. Contrary to what was said, I believe that Massa had just pitted to change his tires (lap 12) right before the incident (lap 13). Same thing for Hamilton. So it did really ruin both of their races. The fact that they managed to finish in the points is rather impressive especially with all the trafic they had then to drive through.
    Cheers from France!

  3. Jean-Patrice,

    You are absolutely right. It was the out-lap for both drivers, not the in lap for Massa. Thank you for the correction and the French shout out!


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