F1Show 100: Japanese Grand Prix 2011

-Super Duper Amazing live streaming Bathurst 1000 and Japanese Grand Prix coverage!

-No Seriously, our live coverage and conversations with fans were sweet!

-Oh My Stars! Sebastian Vettel takes pole at the Japanese Grand Prix!

-Though this time Jenson Button nipping at Red Bull’s heals, only .009 seconds adrift!

-Jenson Button wins the Japanese Grand Prix!!!

-Sebastian Vettel Wins the 2011 Drivers World Championship!!!

-Sebastian Vettel Double Champion!!!

-Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa battle on track again and carbon fiber suffers!

-Listener feedback/taste-of-the-race/predictions

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6 thoughts on “F1Show 100: Japanese Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Hey guys, congratulations on your 100th show. Sorry I couldn’t join in as it sounded like everyone had a really good time but my computer died about a week ago 🙁

    I hope I can finish off the season in the top ten of the prediction champ, as you know I only vote for Webber on the pole and win but might have to start picking other drivers for next season at least.

    Anyway congrats and keep up the great work you guys are doing for us listeners.

  2. Hey guys
    Congratulations with your 100th show. It has been lot of fun listen to you over the last years. Missed the live show :(, hope you will do it again.

  3. Hey guys great show as always
    Thanks for talking about bathurst that weekend I was racing in the go karting state championships in Perth . The v8s are amazing to watch I saw the Perth round this year .
    Please come down under to watch Bathurst the cars are so fast and the raivalry between ford and Holden is emenes and just for your information the racing is always like that not like F1 in vealencia .you should watch the gold coast 600 soon .

    If vettel keeps on wining he will win eight championships before you know it .
    Webber needs to get moving now!!!
    Predictions because I ‘m not aloud on facebook because I ‘m ten vettel onpole and button for the win .

    You guys deserve a coke each for those brilliant 100 episodes and I’m not buying it .

    Cheers Hen

  4. Hi guy I just found out that my neibours are friends with Daniel ricardo so I get to meet him soon and his from my go kart club .

  5. Hi Guys,
    Great show as always!
    Now you have seen Mt Panorama, Bathurst as part of our great race.
    Which circuit would you like to race on Mt Panorama or Spa?

    Craig in Australia

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