F1Show 101: Korean Grand Prix 2011

-Updates since the Japanese Grand Prix

-How’s Robert Kubica?

-Force India Sold

-Red Bulls amazing run of pole positions ends with Lewis Hamilton at the Korean Grand Prix!

-But Vettel still overcomes and conquers, winning the Korean Grand Prix!!!

-Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber have an epic battle for second, Hamilton holds on to the position

-Korea track, needs work

-Red Bull Secures Constructors World Championship!

-McLaren all but Secures Constructors second in World Championship, Ferrari in third!

-Tragedy in IndyCar at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Rest in Peace Dan Wheldon

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One thought on “F1Show 101: Korean Grand Prix 2011”

  1. I have to say, I love the point that was raised in regard to the great battle for second between Webber and Hamilton, in that there was as-close-as-you-can-get dueling between the two including MULTIPLE passes yet there was no contact. Which, of course, was in contrast to the incidents we have seen involving on track battles between Hamilton and Massa… Hmmm… No Massa, no contact. Coincidence? (…ahem, I’m just sayin’ (if I may quote))

    Did LH cool his head for this race and regain his mental fortitude? Perhaps. That is to suggest that it was lost in the first place. Senseless speculation. Not to sound biased, but you’ve gotta kind of feel for the guy as of late. With all of the media scrutiny and public lashing all up and down the paddock, it’s enough to knock anyone slightly off kilter for a few races.

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