F1Show 085: Post-Season Update 2010

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11 thoughts on “F1Show 085: Post-Season Update 2010”

  1. Great show, especially with all the breaking news.

    You were off the air before the final press release announcing a name change of the series to … Formula Lotus!

    I was thinking you might want to explain things more for the non-technical fans. You talked about the different four-cylinder engines possible in 2013 but I don’t understand them.

    I don’t even know the difference between an engine at 12,000 rpm and at 20,000 rpm, besides the 8,000 rpm!

    I do know I have been following F1 for about 20 years and every year they change the rules to make it easier to pass and it is never easier to pass.

    All the best to you and may Mark Webber be F1 Champ in the 2011!

  2. John,

    Thanks for the comment! I got the Formula Lotus release right after we finished and was devastated that we couldn’t provide that additional shocking news. If you’re on facebook, please feel free to break that story on our facebook page.

    You make a good point about our coverage on engines, we’ll try to explain that better in the future. For your specific question, RPM stands for revolutions per minute. And the number, 8000, 12000, or whatever refers to the fastest speed that a engine can spin, its redline.

    That unique Formula One wail is because those engines spin at such high RPM’s, currently around 18000. And horsepower is a function of engine speed, RPMs, so the higher RPM, the more horsepower that engine can produce. Finally, the faster an engine spins, the more likely it is to blow up! So the engineers have to find clever ways to keep that from happening while not adding weight or size, or anything else that might be bad for the car. Fun stuff!

    I hope that helps.


  3. Breaking news, for 2011 there is a rebranding of this site & show to the Lotus F1 Show, and the logo will be Black & Gold.

    Watch this space !

  4. Great show as always
    Have you guys heard that VW /Audi is interested in f1 for 2012 that will be great to see that they are ready to get into f1.

    At last BMW Sauber Ferrari ,lotus ,mc lotus ,red lotus ,citron
    Ford ,apple , VW will change it’s name to BMW sauber.

    Team orders are aloud to be used in 2011 OMG !
    Christian Horner has said “it seem that bikes don’t agree with Mark so it maybe it would be better if he stayed away from them!

    I loved the sound of the cars in Singapore GP in 2009 when I whent

  5. Sorry i had a problem with the comment page and mis slept went anyway back to what iwas saying went to the GP last year but that will change in 2013 if the rule goes ahead !
    Sorry I also mentioned BMW sauber name gate thing instead of saying Sauber Ferrari !

    See you guys inthe new year

  6. I just got a chance to listen to the show and as always it was fantastic. The thought of steam powered formula 1 cars lining up on the grid cracked me up completely. Looking forward to the 2011 season.

  7. Great show as always; a good way to brighten up a dull January.

    Predictions for Bahrain: Vettel on Pole, Button to win.

    Predictions for the season: Driver – Button, Manufacturer – Maclaren.

    Following on from Henry Lake’s comments about VW/Audi. Did you notice that the Porsche 918 RSR shown at the Detroit Motor Show is using KERS fly-wheel based technology developed in conjunction with Williams F1. Frank and Patrick are not getting any younger.

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