F1Show 086: Pre-Season Update 2011

-Red Bull Records?
-2011 Formula One reveals!
-McLaren’s “U-shaped” sidepods and Red Bull’s fin
-2011 Formula One Drivers lineup
-An F1 Show exclusive! How would you describe the top ten drivers in 2010?
-Visit http://f1show.com to let us know your suggestions

13 thoughts on “F1Show 086: Pre-Season Update 2011”

  1. Thanks for the off season update. Keep up the great work.

    My thoughts and prayers are with Robert Kubica. I hope Kimi fills his seat in the meantime. I miss his monotone interviews.

  2. Hi Guys,

    Great show again. How on earth did you find Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport? I thought that it was only the British who had to endure Rolf Harris, as far as I can tell Australia seemed to get rid of him and send him over here as soon as they could!

    I’d like to echo Aristotle’s comments and wish Robert Kubica a full and speedy recovery.

    There have been some suggestions in the press over here that Renault shouldn’t have let him go rallying. I don’t agree, if he didn’t go rallying, Webber didn’t do his cycle rides, Button didn’t do his triathlons etc. they wouldn’t be the people they are, so they wouldn’t be the drivers they are. Do other people agree or not?

  3. Kubica should be allowed to do his rallying, but not only days out from the only testing for the season.

  4. Hi guys,

    I used to download your podcast on my iphone, but now I have an Android handset I can’t seem to figure out how to? I tried to use various Podcast downloader apps but they can’t seem to find your podcasts. Any ideas?

    Thanks, from an avid fan.

  5. Bernie Ecclestone’s idea of putting sprinklers around the circuits and having “artificial rain” during races!! What?!? If anyone needed proof that Bernie is senile and control of F1 needs to be handed over to a sane person this is it. To quote Mark Webber (as quoted by the BBC) Jim Clark and Ayrton Senna will be “turning in their graves”.

  6. I just picked up a comment on the BBC that they might be axing the coverage of F1 at the end of their current contract. The justification is that F1 is not prime time TV!!!!!!!!!!

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