F1Show 084: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010

-Taste of the race: Shawarma, falafel, hummus and grape leaves, yummy!
-McLarens re-surge in practice
-Vettel does it again in qualifying, pole in Abu Dhabi!
-Alonso faster than Webber on Saturday, Not Aussiesome!
-Sebastian Vettel is 2010 World Driver’s Champion!!!
-Alonso loses with poor strategy and poor attitude
-Webber, finishes eighth, finishes third, heart not in it
-Christian Horner… Well Done!
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
-We predict 2011 the Driver Championship… you heard it here first!
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11 thoughts on “F1Show 084: Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Oh man… What a tragic race for Webber. The whole end to the season was a major disapointment for him.

    So many mixed feelings, I cant really think straight right now.

    Still, onwards and upwards Webber 2011!!

    Predictions 🙂

    Webber Pole
    Webber FTW
    Webber Fastest lap

  2. Thanks for the brilliant and entertaining commentary for all the races this year. You guys are great to listen to. At first I was sceptical of two Americans but you’re good value.

    And thanks for reading my name out over and over again in the last User Feedback. My kids were in awe that someone famous was repeating my name!

  3. Hi guys, thanks for a season of entertaining shows. You read out a comment from someone saying that your show has become an essential part of their grand prix weekend, I couldn’t agree more.

    You have to feel sorry for Mark Webber, he had a great season and it would have been fantastic to see him as champion, but Vettel is a worthy winner. The fact that Vettel still has some obvious weaknesses and can only get even better in years to come must be frightening for the other drivers, mind you I said the same about Hamilton 2 years ago. This year’s championship was amazing, but what’s it going to be like over the next few years as those two become really experienced, and with drivers like Kubica, Rosberg and Hulkenberg waiting in the wings to join in too?

    Already looking forward to 2011

  4. Oh, sorry, I also have to admit to being wrong about Red Bull’s team tactics, or lack of them. If Vettel had let Webber through last weekend Alonso would be champion.

  5. I agree Tony, I was wrong about the RBR team tactics, although the cynic in me thinks they screwed Webber to take him out of the running.

  6. Thanks guys it has been a great season, and I always enjoy your show to get your thoughts and analysis.

  7. Hi Guys

    Ben checking out various F1 podcasts and am enjoying yours them most. Even more so than the the BBC version which interviews the drivers but gets nothing more than sanitised, guarded and cliched answers.
    One thing. I often have to listen using just 1 earphone and the degree of panning you use on the mic channels can make one of you almost inaudible to one ear. Any chance of taming that a bit?

  8. @Ken Frischnecht


    Ken, thanks for bringing that to our attention. That is amusing. The one thing I will say, we have a much better logo!


  9. By winning the championship Vettel showed everyone that the Hare can beat the tortoise; especially if the tortoise has a fractured shoulder. Hopefully Webber can have a more shot at the championship next season.

    B.T.W Great podcasting from u guys..

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