F1Show 006: Live US Grand Prix 2007 Friday Update

A quick F1 Show update for US Grand Prix Friday practice, brought to you directly from Indiana. Also includes “one minute of awesome” at the end, sounds from the session.

F1Show 005: Canadian Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– Canadian Grand Prix Race Report
– Action-packed Qualifying
– Hamilton’s great lap
– Schuey’s excuses
– Heidfeld’s penalty and comeback
– Kovalainen’s qualifying woes
– Jenson Button’s mechanical at the start line
– Alonso’s Mistakes
– Raikkonen Sucks! Maybe…
– Massa, Rosberg, Alonso, Fisichella penalized
– Kubica in a bad wreck, but okay
– Safety Car almost runs out of fuel!
– DC talks
– Takuma Sato passes the all-stars
– Ralf shows what he is really worth
– Hamilton seems just about unstoppable
– Quick Nick earns points and respect
– What about the laps?
– Wurz podium and props
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F1Show 004: Monaco Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– Monaco Grand Prix Race Report
– Ferrari underperforms
– Raikkonen delivers his own bad luck
– Massa holds the team up
– Mclaren dominates, finishing 1-2
– Hamilton hurts is Monaco record, yet still impresses
– bring ya a lil’ sumptin sumptin at the USGP
– Break a leg Toyota!
– And Honda beats, uh, Super Aguri!
– The Monaco race wasn’t quite the page tuner we hoped for, but qualifying…
– Raikkonen fizzles in Q2
– Coulthard v. Kovalainen
– Scott Speed 9th place, fantastic drive!
– Williams Toyota, better than Toyota Toyota?
– North American Tour coming up
– F1show correction
– Dario Franchitti wins the Indy 500
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F1Show 003: Spanish Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– Spanish Grand Prix Race Report
– Eight drivers out. Oh, the Attrition!
– Kimi Raikkonen’s Bad luck
– Hamilton continues to impress and drink champagne
– Massa’s grand slam performance
– Ferrari vs. McLaren
– Massa vs. Raikkonen
– Heidfeld’s team drops the, uh, lugnut
– Scott’s Speed is undone by tire failure
– Kovalainen starting to show potential
– Renault still not acting like defending constructor champions.
– Honda performance lacking on all fronts
– Thank god for Sato!
– Kubica does goodica
– Coulthard lights the fire and we like it!
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F1Show 002: Bahrain Grand Prix 2007

In our second episode, we cover the 2007 Bahrain Grand Prix.

– Introduction
– Race Report
– Three way tie in Drivers Championship
– Is Nick Heidfeld racing for his Job? Why?
– Massa delivers a near perfect weekend for Ferrari and makes good for mistakes in Malaysia
– Hamilton still impresses week after week
– Kimi Raikkonen’s weak engine and how it affected his race
– Toyota woes. They still can’t put it together. What’s missing?
– Alonso got passed and passed good!
– David Coulthard shows some vigor
– Renault now filling space mid-pack, maybe due to a lack of 2007 preparation, maybe due to losing Alonso
– Back to Europe
– Monaco Rally of Grand Prix!
– Honda still in back with no plan of attack
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F1Show 001: Malaysian Grand Prix 2007

In our inaugural episode, we cover the 2007 Malaysian Grand Prix.
– Introduction
– Explanation of new name and format
– Race Report
– Lewis Hamilton’s tremendous performance
– Felipe Massa’s lackluster performance
– Kimi Raikkonen’s weak engine and how it affected his race
– Honda’s miserable performance and underperforming drivers that can hardly keep up with Super Aguri
– Toyota, still mid-pack after six years
– David Coulthard ain’t got no brakes!
– Alexander Wurz, full of heart, great driver, good natured
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