Podcast 165: Russian Grand Prix 2014

It’s the first Grand Prix in Russia for 100 years! Just a week after Jules Bianchi’s accident, that’s still on everyone’s mind, but another race means more championship points and implications. Some more silly season talk, listener feedback, and more. Visit http://funwithcars.com

2 thoughts on “Podcast 165: Russian Grand Prix 2014”

  1. The Secrets Of Car And Driver’s Lightning Lap Rev…: http://youtu.be/_Ur2NY5n2Ok

    Really? First Robin on Road and Track and now Jim on Car and Driver what’s next? Caterham investors? You guys are like the dos equis most interesting men in the world. I’ve been listening since 2009 you should really talk more about what you do.

    For those reading Jim is featured in the above posted YouTube video.

    In all seriousness you guys have connections to these historical magazines. Let’s get you guys doing a monthly podcast for C&D or R/T . You could obviously talk about F1 but also fun with cars… I would love to hear your opinions on new cars ie mustang vs camaro etc.

    I am going to Austin this week thanks to you guys keeping us few Americans interested.

  2. Hey John, thanks for noticing! I have finally made a blog post about this video, and I think we’ll talk a bit more about it on an upcoming show. Thanks for the comment, and enjoy the race weekend in Austin! -jim

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