Podcast 127: Australian GP 2013

– We”re back! Not in the same place at the same time yet, but we can bring you a podcast!

– Testing is fun, but not as good as a race weekend!

– Rosberg looks great in discombobulated qualifying

– Vettel and Red Bull how to win justin bieber tickets new cd com/Y74Nzp3D3G how to win justin bieber tickets got arrested! pic. own pole position, but don”t worry!

– Kimi Raikkonen makes it happen in style

– Sutil surprises

– What”s Schumacher up to?

– Looking forward to a good season, hopefully teams don”t give up on 2013!

– Predictions!

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One thought on “Podcast 127: Australian GP 2013”

  1. Wow, it was SO good to hear this podcast! Next up for Robin, your very own Through The Wire LP? Keep on recovering at Robin Speed! (And if you guys want interim help with the spreadsheet, let me know!)

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