F1Show 010: French Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– French Grand Prix Race Report
– Albers rigged his fuel, but good!
– The Iceman stays cool in the winners circle
– Massa finishes second to complete Ferrari dominance
– Alonso couldn’t recover from Q3 woes
– Raikkonen hits the hole shot!
– Hamilton, still on the podium, still amazing
– The Hamiltonship continues, nay thrives!
– David Coulthard, could he be the next Lewis Hamilton? No.
– Lap One hit and run hurts Kovalainen and ends Trulli’s day
– BMW Sauber erhält stärker!
– Kubica shakes off his accident with 5 points in his pocket
– BMW v. Renault
– White Stripes. Are two tire compounds really the hardest button to button?
– Thank you Jim and Michael!
– And the TC debate goes on
– Send us email: feedback@f1show.com
– Indy Video and Photos
– Sign off