F1Show 009: US Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– United States Grand Prix Race Report
– Ralf Schumacher’s turn one, lap one debauchery
– Takuma Sato spins
– Adrian Sutil – where does his future lie?
– Heidfeld’s hydraulics happenings
– Rosberg’s engine blows!
– McLaren dominates, finishing 1-2…Again! (they did it Monaco)
– Hamilton’s amazing defense
– The Hamiltonship
– Who’s Top Ten?
– Derek, Shut up.
– These cars are for real!
– No more TC for DC, or anyone else
– Vettel impresses at just 19 years old
– Whack! Whack! Clunk! Clunk! Thump
– Kimi improves, but still not driving like a champion
– Is Ferrari handicapped with a wounded wind tunnel
– Send us email: feedback@f1show.com
– Indy Video and Photos
– Sign off

4 thoughts on “F1Show 009: US Grand Prix 2007”

  1. Hi Guys,

    You were asking for feedback on your podcast. I’ve only been subscribed, for two or three casts, but I think you are going very well. The two of you interact really well; the flow of the podcasts is great – very professional. It was great to hear your comments on the US GP from the point of view of having been there and reviewed the TV coverage – it sounds like the cars and racing is a lot more dramatic and violent live than the TV coverage is able to capture.

    Down here in Christchurch New Zealand it’s not likely that I’ll be getting along to GP any time soon, and F1 isn’t that well followed – lots of petrol heads here, but interest tends to focus on Aussie V8 Super saloon racing It’s intense close racing but not really high tech (they’re still running pushrod V8’s and live axles).

    You’re obviously huge fans of F1, how common is that in the USA? Takuma Sato fans too; you probably don’t listen to a lot of C&W music.

    The discussion you guys were having about the plans to drop traction control – I’ve always been in two minds about restrictions on technology in F1.

    On the one hand (mind) F1 was set up as a constructors championship to push the bounds of vehicle engineering out as far as possible – so really it seems wrong to restrict technology in anyway – diesel radial engined, six wheelers with all wheel drive traction control CVT gearboxes, active aerodynamics, drive by wire tapped directly into the drivers brain, what ever they can think of to go around a track faster – a giant R&D playroom for the motor industry – it would be fantastic, fascinating to tech heads and boring as heck to watch.

    Sadly all that technology just isn’t interesting to 99.9999% of the world’s population, probably too expensive for the industry to sustain as well.

    So the other hand (mind) says it’s a driver’s championship, keep the cars as even as possible, restrict technology that diminishes the need for driver skill, and let the driver skill determine who wins – I think they call it Formula Ford. Few people watch that as it’s not fast or spectacular enough.

    I haven’t got an answer – I guess where they are at present is not a bad compromise, amazing machines, fantastic technology, stunning driver skill – well packaged for TV. It appeals to emotion as well as nerdy bits – but it would be great to have more overtaking…..

    My favorite idea for closer racing – any engine, fuel and transmission technology you like, but rear wheel drive only, no wings and 145 wide cross ply tyres and all the races run on a wet track

    Cheers guys – keep the podcasts going,

    Jim Walker

  2. Great coverage guys!
    I was so mad i couldn’t make it this year,
    but I couldn’t leave my wife alone with a newborn
    and my two daughters, anyway I hope to see you
    next year (If there’s a USGP)
    Love your show, keep it up!!!


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