F1Show 115: British Grand Prix 2012

-Our best wishes go out to Maria De Villota
-Button out in Q1, Red flag cuts Q2 into two separate sessions
-Fernando Alonso grabs pole in dynamic wet/dry conditions!
-Mark Webber becomes second driver to score second win of the season, winning at Silverstone!
Lewis Hamilton Sergio Perez v. Pastor Maldonado who’s fault was it?
-Mercedes’ rain dance didn’t come through, Schumacher still performs well, finishing 7th
-Lotus performance continues to impress, Raikkonen is strong in Britain
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7 thoughts on “F1Show 115: British Grand Prix 2012”

  1. Hi Guys,

    Love the show – been a fan for several years now. My thoughts on the Maldonado issue – I tend to agree with Robin on this one. I believe that Maldonado is an impetuous and daring driver – that does not make him a bad driver. He probably lacks experience (this is only his second year in F1) and some maturity. For example, Hamilton is a driver that makes many impetuous mistakes and has been involved in many controversies over the past few years. The difference between Hamilton and Maldonado is that Hamilton is extremely fast, he is a dashing driver – so fans love him and tend to be more comprehensive or permissive as far as his antics go. But, Maldonado is a normal driver – he doesn’t stand out – so people tend to judge him more harshly.

    Keep up the good work,


  2. Hi guys,

    Just another small suggestion – love the name “Damian” but “Damian – the Statistics Model” doesn’t have that good a ring. I propose “Stanley/Sidney – the Statistics Model”.

    That’s all.


  3. I think when you look at Maldonado’s past, you have to start placing blame on him. He’s always had speed, that’s not in question, but his head/emotions need to be fixed. His agressive driving style always seems to go a bit to far – chopping Perez in Monaco PRACTICE, taking Perez out at Silverstone, wrecking with Hamilton (that was more Hamilton’s fault, but Maldonado could have been more patient). Even go back to his early days, ignoring yellow flags, taking out a marshall and seriously injurying him. He’s not Senna and never will be. He hasn’t earned the respect with the other drivers so they bow to him at every move he makes. He needs to mature quickly.

  4. Silverstone had 1 months rain in 2 days, can any amount of planning get over this amount of water?

  5. Newsflash. It rains in Britain. Shocker. No seriously feel sorry for those affected but had to happen at some point. British summertime plus poor facilities plus head in the sand planning = disaster at Silverstone. A great race though!

  6. Hi Guys,
    Another great podcast, keep up the great work.
    In regards to your comments about me in the predictions app, I am definitely a real person not a spreadhseet. 🙂 I have been an Alonso fan or a long time and it is luckily paying off for me this year. Hopefully he continues to shine for the rest of the season. A huge thanks to the Predictions Stud for creating the predictions app. I only started using it this year but I’m loving the extra dynamic its adding to race weekends. Its not just about supporting who I want to win, It also means I’m supporting who I think will win. For anyone out there not using it, definitely have a go.

  7. Hey guys great show i have been watching since the start of the 2012 season loving the podcast.

    Just wanted to comment on my views on the show,

    -button would have got into Q2 but couldn’t due to the fact that timo glock spun on the pit straight and he had to back of due to yello flags, sector times showed that he would have made it through.

    -i think grosjean deserves the drive of the day, last to sixth what a race.

    -silverstone tried its best they had a months rain in two days. the carping parks didnt work because they were fields that they rent from farmers and by sending people away for saturday they managed to prepare and make everyone welcome for sunday

    -and finally maldonado’s fault way to aggressive. All i can say is that the villan of formula one 2012 crashtor maldonado strikes again

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