F1Show 114: European Grand Prix 2012

-The original F1 Show did not film at the Goodwood Festival
-Webber out in Q1, Crazy close Q2 with less than .3 sec covering the top 13!
-Sebastian Vettel Qualifies like it’s 2011 again, taking pole position by over 0.3 sec!
-Michael Schumacher back on the podium after six years! Third place in Valencia
-Lewis Hamilton v. Pastor Maldonado who’s fault was it?
-Valencia Street Circuit indeed entertains! Does the circuit deserve any of the credit?
-Jenson Button form still lackluster, can the Briton shake the slump?
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6 thoughts on “F1Show 114: European Grand Prix 2012”

  1. Hey, just listened to your 2012 European GP podcast. Just wanted to let you know that you inspired our family to observe “taste of the race” this year too. It’s fun getting the kids involved, looking up countries on google maps, finding out where the tracks are and researching what kinds of foods they eat, what people wear, etc etc. It has allowed the whole family to have a more diverse culinary experience, introducing us to food we would otherwise not go out of our way to eat. I’ve also taken pictures of our meals at


    So thanks guys. It has been a great idea.

  2. IMO this one is clearly on Pastor. Lewis is well within his rights to defend his place, he was two laps from the end & on a circuit which isn’t renowned for overtaking. As for Maldonado, well this guy shows that when it comes to racing he clearly hasn’t a clue. He’s has a record of shunting drivers of the track shown it time & time again.

  3. LH could’ve backed down and let PM have an easy pass but why should he? As the previous comment rightly said, this a track thats renowned for near-impossible overtaking so LH is perfectly within his rights to make PM work hard for it. Some is trying to compare to FA’s decision not to fight off the overtakers in Canada, but he didn’t have much choice, everyone was passing him halfway down the very long straight! PM is a liability, he may be quicker than Senna (who isn’t?) but he has no ability to control his temper. One day he may kill someone.

  4. im sure one of you took PM’s side only to play devil’s advocate. He could easily have run wide and rejoined later. Plenty of time left to have another go.
    Think what would have happened if the roles were reversed, LH would have backed out and tried again later. I agree with Mikeall, PM does seem to suffer from red mist and doing some pretty crazy things that are needlessly dangerous.

  5. Both Maldonado and Hamilton display a lack of world class driving thought. Two hotheads, sure, but Lewis created the situation. Does running another driver off the track equal defending? In addition, Lewis leaves the racing line in doing such, when he exits turn 12 (he really does, with tires in the paint no less). He then returns to the racing line entering turn 13. Maldonado then doubles the idiocy. Remember what the man said: “you have to leave a space…..all the time you have to leave a space”. I was just starting to think Lewis had really matured, but it’s the same old same old. Oh well.

  6. Pastor is an idiot. He really needed to exercise some patience and sound judgement. This was a perfect opportunity for him to display his race craft and IQ as a driver. Rather, he failed on both fronts. Obviously he was piloting a superior machine at the moment due to the immaturity of his tires. Ironically that trait of his rubber should have resulted in an opposing mental resolve, instead it was reflected purely in his decision making by attempting to force the inevitable.

    He WAS going to legitimately pass Lewis at some point. That was a given. Of course Lewis was trying to prolong it, but he knew as well. If it wouldn’t happen in the next complex of corners, it was definitely going to happen next time around in the DRS zone. Like the others comments mentioned, he’s shown in previous instances that he’s a serious liability for his team and everyone else on track.

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