F1Show 110: Bahrain Grand Prix 2012

– Special F1Show with special guests!

– Craig “The Kilt” Wilson

– A “random man” we found walking out of the Red Bull Factory in Milton Keynes, England

– Louise the Hornette

– A bit of race analysis

– Listener feedback and predictions

– Visit http://f1show.com

2 thoughts on “F1Show 110: Bahrain Grand Prix 2012”

  1. It was great to meet Jim and wife, and be able to watch the magic happen right in front of us! The commitment from Jim to get this show started 1/2 hour after race, and all done and away within 2 hours is commendable. How you two manage to be so smooth in presentation is a skill, especially with a delay/echo/feedback etc!

    A special thanks must go out to Min and “random man” for hosting and food, it was great. Handing over your Sunday and house to the F1show crew will be rewarded in F1 heaven 🙂

    Top day out, shame about the boring race, the winner, and those damn sticky wheel nuts 🙁

    Question 1. How did you rate the 2 tv setup with the f1 timing app?

    Question 2. How did you rate the new UK Sky coverage of race?

    Question 3. Will rouge bovine racing become standard LOL

  2. Like CKW, I would be interested in hearing your review of the race coverage from across the pond! Sky or BBC coverage of the race?Living in Florida just wondering about the difference in coverage; especially the Dario cousin reference on every race. Does Speed channel and Sky share the same global feed? Really enjoyed the lap around NJ too. Really enjoy your post race podcast, Joseph

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