F1Show 109: Chinese Grand Prix 2012

– The F1 Show is five years old!

– Updates on Kimi’s blue flags

– What’s the deal with Bahrain?

– 2012, a silly season from the start

– Nico Rosberg makes good on the Mercedes promise with a great performance

– Button almost had it, but lost out in the pits

– Hamilton gets third, again

– Full recap and analysis from your professional podcast hosts

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7 thoughts on “F1Show 109: Chinese Grand Prix 2012”

  1. Great show again guys. I enjoyed the tour of the track-to-be too. Straight after the race I was looking forward to hearing your surprise over Nico’s win, and all the excitement from the great overtaking we saw.

    Out of curiosity, which coverage do you watch? BBC, Speed, Sky?

    The next race is not far away already, and Bahrain is set to be an interesting one, the politics and media coverage more so than the race! I’m predicting Hamilton’s first win (of the season) and Red Bull’s first podium finish, probably Vettel but perhaps even Webber.

  2. Hi just to say as a UK listener and fan of F1 since the late 70’s how refreshing it is to have your viewpoints on the races. I find Sky’s treatment childish and if I hear “sky F1 HD in 5.1 surround sound” at the end of another sentence I will scream. Keep doing what you’re doing as its brilliant

  3. Hi guys
    Great podcast as usual, with your usual mix of intuitive guesses and a fans normal view of what goes on in F1.
    Just a thought but will Lewis start smiling now he leads Jenson in the standings? Although he has yet to beat him on the track when both have finished his undoubted qualifying speed should get him a win soon.
    Jenson is able to match and in most cases beat Lewis in race pace which must be a worry, I can’t believe one of F1’s fastest drivers cannot match his team-mates race pace. Jenson’s easy going nature hides a very talented driver who has been underrated since he left Williams and seemd to get distracted by the glamour and lifestyle of a successful driver. He is now delivering in a team that was thought to be the sole property of its prodigal son, well done Jenson.
    Hers to the next 5 years
    Mark and Carol

  4. Guys,

    Loved the podcast, as per usual. I am glad to see that we are all beating “Damien”. I felt bad about changing my prediction, because you guys weren’t, but I couldn’t resist the temptation and did save a few points.


  5. Can’t believe that someone complained that the presenters were disorganised, shame he decided not to listen any more, he’s missed the epic “reading results from the wrong race”!

    The podcast is perfect, it’s like have a chat with your mates down the pub (yes I am English), people make mistakes, get confused, and say erm…

    Please don’t change

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    @Chris, my favorite part about doing the wrong predictions wasn’t that I had the wrong page in front of me, but that for a moment I completely forgot how our whole predictions worked! A brain fade on a fairly grand scale. But yeah, we decided not to edit it out and just keep trucking. I’m glad it comes across as fun because we certainly have fun doing the show.

  7. Guys

    Great podcast, I’ve been enjoying them since the 100th episode, when I first met CKW and he introduced me to your show by getting us hornettes (sorry,, yes I am one) to record a message for you when we met up at Goodwood.

    Jim – hope you enjoy London/MK with the guys, think of me as I will be marshaling at Donington Park (almost certainly in the rain) on Sunday, so sadly won’t be able to join you. Hope you enjoy your time in the UK.

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