F1Show 108: Malaysian Grand Prix 2012

– Pretty McLarens are still fast in Qualifying but can’t get it done in the race

– Fernando Alonso does the impossible, winning in the Ferrari!

– Sergio “Checo” Perez stuns us all by holding onto 2nd place!

– Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button not so lucky

– What’s up with Felipe Massa?

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3 thoughts on “F1Show 108: Malaysian Grand Prix 2012”

  1. hi i am a fan of formula 1 and i should tell you guys that your podcast sucks. Yes some information come out of it but to much Uhm….! And the 2 of you don’t even read your papers before you record the podcast. Not professional at all. And this come from a guy that downloaded only the latest 2 podcast. Only reason why i downloaded these podcast is because the official formula 1 site don’t have podcast yet and can’t find the proper English podcast for formula 1.

  2. Thanks for addressing my comment on the player not working for me with Ubuntu Linux, I’ll just keep checking back after the races and downloading via iOS iTunes. I don’t understand why Apple don’t allow you to subscribe to a podcast on your phone. Great show, looking forward to the Chinese GP show this week!

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