F1Show 104: Brazilian Grand Prix 2011

– Both McLarens and Schumacher fast during Friday Practice

– Vettel beats Nigel Mansell’s number of pole positions in a single season

– Red-Bull team orders in Brazil? We discuss.

– Mark Webber wins the Brazilian Grand Prix!

– Michael Schumacher and Bruno Senna collide in Brazil who’s to blame?

– Rubens Barichello’s Formula One future is still in doubt

– Adrian Sutil drives like he deserves to keep his Force India seat

– We break down the Drivers and Constructors World Championship for 2011

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5 thoughts on “F1Show 104: Brazilian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Hi guys, I’ve just finished listened to the latest podcast from Brazil. Another great show but I couldn’t believe how laid back you two seemed over the Austin Grand Prix possible cancellation for 2012, or even completely. Then the comments on preferring the New York GP took me by surprised as well. I thought you and most of the listeners would have wanted to see a proper race track? I know street tracks have a lot of glamor and show, but the racing is never as good. The hight changes and track layout at Austin will be great if they ever get finished. Let’s hope it still happens.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for commenting! Both Jim and I hope the Grand Prix in Austin takes place next year, absolutely. Our point was that if we had to choose between the two, we’d choose New Jersey because we think it has a better chance of solidifying F1’s place in the U.S. Of course the cars will better display their capabilities on a permanent road course, like COTA, and the layout is promising. I think Jim and I are also optimistic that a deal can be reached because we know that Bernie wants a strong presense in the states. Here’s hoping!


  3. Guys
    Glad my feedback got you talking,being a massive Senna fan I did know he had issues with Prost but as a pairing they delivered.
    If Vettel wins 15races then Webber should have wrapped up a comfortable second place and he just couldnt deliver when Vettel didnt ( which I know wasn’t often).
    The Maclaren boys took 6wins with a car that became better but was never the class of the Red Bull. It must be good for Whitmarsh to know that he has 2bites of the cherry with each driver excelling on different tracks and different conditions.
    Have a good offseason and keep up the good work.
    Mark Williams
    Ps Carol sends her best wishes

  4. Hi Mark, I was very interested in your Senna and Prost view. I know what you mean about them being a great pairing, regarding their potential. I know they didnt get on?:-) But the comparison to Lewis and Jenson is valid, as McLaren had two of the best drivers available at the time in one team. Lewis and Jenson are in the same position now but without the aggro. Being British, I can’t help but back the underdog and that means I’ve got to back Jenson.

  5. Hi.Thanks for another great year fellas. It’s really been great listening to you after every race, and the live weekend for the Bathurst/F1GP.

    Tip: It’s pronounced “ON-dray De-CHEZ-er-iss”

    I have a question for Tr-Tr-Trivia: What was the shortest race in F1 GP history. Should be an easy one to find.

    Looking for to your 2011 wrapup and to 2012!! Thanks guys!

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