F1Show 103: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2011

-Man love at the F1 Show!

-Nico Rosberg extends his Mercedes contract!

-Buddh, Buddha, Bud? The grand prix circuit of India is named what?

-McLarens fast in Practice!

-Vettel and both Ferrari’s spin during practice.

-Sebastian Vettel score his 14th pole position of the 2011 season.

-But that doesn’t mean that he beat Nigel Mansell’s, not to us at least

-Puncture Gate! Sebastian Vettel DNF’s at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi

-Lewis Hamilton turns that frown upside down and wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix!

-Alonso finishes a strong second despite the Ferrari’s lackluster qualifying

-And where was Webber in all of this? Down in fourth…

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One thought on “F1Show 103: Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2011”

  1. Hey guys! Just finished listening to the podcast and I hadn’t really realized that Webber started in 4th and finished in 4th until you guys mentioned it on the show.

    It also sounded like you didn’t hear that Jenson’s pace was off because his KRS was not working. He had to reboot the system and got it working again (I think) around lap 25. He said in the bit of the post race interview that I saw that he kept losing the KRS every couple of laps and having to go through the reboot again, which was causing some braking issues. So, fear not, Robin, your man love for Jenson can continue…. unless Jim is going to get jealous 🙂


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