F1Show 091: Canadian Grand Prix 2011

– All the latest from the weekend in Canada
– Vettel on pole, as usual
– Longest F1 race ever.. 4 hours!
– Lewis Hamilton is better with the media but still too aggressive on track
– Jenson Button for the win!
– Michael Schumacher might have it again
– Felipe Massa gets the hammer down
– Listener feedback
– Trivia – send your suggestions to feedback@f1show.com
– Predictions for the next pole, winner, and Where’s Pastor?
– visit http://f1show.com

5 thoughts on “F1Show 091: Canadian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Listening to hilarious podcast On my way to work! I enjoyed the race, and I was looking forward to this podcast and you guys did not disappoint! If ever you are in London, I will buy you a drink!

  2. Hi guys, great show as usual, and what a fantastic race. It turned out to be well worth the wait in the end.

    Trivia – a complete guess, but I remember Mika Hakkinen leading the whole of the British GP in a McLaren in the late 90’s then his car breaking down on the last lap.

    Predictions – Vettel for pole, and I think Hamilton is overdue a good race, so Hamilton for the win.

  3. Trivia answer: was it raikkonen in japan 05? overtaking fisichella into turn 1 🙂

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