F1Show 090: Grand Prix of Monaco 2011

-Sergio Perez looks to make full recovery from Q3 shunt
-Vettel on Pole at Monaco!
-Vettel wins Monaco!
-Hamilton goes Jet-ski-n, race stewards dock him 20 seconds for passing a buoy
-Vitaly Petrov nbso okay after late race crash that knocked the Russian out and caused a Red flag.
-Alonso impresses in underachieving Ferrari
-Red flag rules in need of a re-write! New tires?!?!
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 090: Grand Prix of Monaco 2011”

  1. Loved the race, especially as I was there !………….but you would have known that if you read your Facebook page a bit more 😉 😉

  2. Criag, just because we didn’t mention it (or loads of other things) on the show, doesn’t mean you’re not our #1 F1 Stalker fan! I enjoyed your snaps mom the race, and you’ve been very cunning and/or lucky to get so many shots with drivers and crew!

  3. Somehow the wife knows exactly were to hang about to get people for a picture…….although its partly just Monaco, its set out in areas with public access inbetween, so you can always get them!!

    Going early on the Tuesday and Wednesday before the race helps as well, things are not quite set up yet, so you can stroll into areas you shouldnt be in 🙂

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