F1Show 035: European Grand Prix 2008

-European Prix Race Report
-Felipe Massa eats celebratory Paella! 
-Hey Raikkonen, where’s your brain? 
-Hamilton is sick and second. Jolly Good Mate!
-Nakajima punts Alonso out his home race on the first lap. 
-Vettel is entirely too young to be this fast.
-Valencia racetrack scores a C. 
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2 thoughts on “F1Show 035: European Grand Prix 2008”

  1. Fellas,
    I enjoy the show but will you guys please work on your production quality! It seems to me that this is the third time this year that the audio quality has been poor or unlistenable, At least this time I could hang in there but the volume difference between the two of you makes it hard on the eardrums.
    Tom in Prescott, Az
    PS I think Massa is showing himself to be the most talented driver on the tour.

  2. [Reposted because I originally replied to the wrong comment]


    thanks for the note. I re-checked the audio file and I found the levels to be consistent, but somehow I screwed up the export so that I was only in the right channel and Robin was only in the left. I have fixed and re-uploaded the audio file. I apologize for making this mistake again and I appreciate you sticking with us. It’ll get better, I promise!


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