F1Show 036: Belgian Grand Prix 2008

-Belgium Prix Race Report
-Hamilton gets served!
-Felipe Massa eats celebratory Chocolate! 
-Hey Raikkonen, where’s your brain Again? 
-Spa in the rain, Magical! 
-Vettel is entirely too young to be this fast.
-Bourdais drives like he means it! 
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3 thoughts on “F1Show 036: Belgian Grand Prix 2008”

  1. Great show guys. I liked the discussion about Lewis and his penalty. I agree with the penalty and think that Lewis is a bit cheeky saying he could do nothing other than let Kimi push him aside. Did he forget he had a brake pedal and could have backed off when it was obvious Kimi was not going to let him get away with it? Then he would not have over shot the corner and most likely not been able to over take on the next one.

  2. Hi guys! A big hello from Australia!

    Great show first off. Its great to hear your opinion about the race and a quick update on what the rest of the grid were up to in the race! It was very easy to forget about every other driver when the world were watching the wicked race at the front.

    In my humble opinion, the FIA ruling about the cutting of the chicane was very very strong and totally wrong! I watched the move and it was a standard cut the corner-give the lead back-and beat him on the track again move. The only thing that would have the FIA to look at it again was the fact that the Ferrari was total crap in the rain, twitchy breaking no drive in the rain.

    On the other hand the Mclaren is very good in the wet, this just made the pass way too easy. I just don’t get how they can strip the win when it was too close and too many if’s and buts. This is usually the time the FIA give the Ferrari team a boost, remember the phantom block decision by Alonso around about Monza? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

    Anyway keep up the good work, cant wait to hear the next episode.

  3. Another hello from Australia!

    I’d like to be the second to agree with you Robin, that I think the penalty was harsh, but fair. The point everyone seems to have missed is that cutting the chicane clearly gave Lewis a better run at Kimi down the straight, simple as that. it’s very doubtful that had he not tried to overtake on that first corner, after going through the chicane he would have been in a totally different position going down the straight, he probably could’ve tkaen him if he had been a little more patient.

    So, there are people who agree with you Robin, we just live far away.
    Keep up the good work on the show,

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