F1Show 025: Malaysian Grand Prix 2008


– Malaysian Grand Prix Race Report

– Ferrari’s return to form, with Massa’s lack of it

– Hamilton’s pit stop is a bunch of bollocks! McLaren struggles

– BMW Sauber twice a bridesmaid, will they catch bouquet this year?

– Trulli collects points for Toyota, so far there strongest year yet

– Bourdais spins one lap one, Vettel also adds another goose egg to STR’s pile

– Honda does okay, and Button is okay with that

– Force India, why did you hire Giancarlo Fisichella

– FIA Mandate: 4 race gearboxes. Will they save money?

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One thought on “F1Show 025: Malaysian Grand Prix 2008”

  1. Nice show guys, actually compared to the race alot more excitment! I noticed on your show you were referring to Mclaren’s front wheel disks as a device that sucks in air to the brakes.

    I think (I could be wrong) these have a double use for them, First is for the Aero performance and the second is to push out the air rim and push it under the car. This kind of shows when the pit crew removed the cover to be greeted with a cloud of brake dust!

    Anyway, enough of that, congrates on the show one year all ready! may you have many more!

    Driver of the race for me?! Had to be Webber, strong drive, kept in his groove and through out the race he knew he was fighting Alonso, not Hamilton, mark of a veteran F1 driver.

    Loser of the race? Massa and Im not talking about that lost opportunity for the millions of Tifosi out there, he just lost it. Any more drives like this and he could be down the road!

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