F1Show 026: Bahrain Grand Prix 2008

– Introduction

– Malaysian Grand Prix Race Report

– Ferrari finishes 1-2, with Massa on top.

– Hamilton’s disaster weekend, finishes 13th

– BMW Sauber grabs 3rd and 4th, Robert Kubica starting from pole.

– Trulli collects points for Toyota, again!

– Kovalainen driving like a Finn.

– Kimi Raikkonen’s iceman tattoo, seriously??!!

– Force India, good job hiring Giancarlo Fisichella!

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6 thoughts on “F1Show 026: Bahrain Grand Prix 2008”

  1. It was great to see Kubica take the pole! I’ve been rooting for him since his great F1 debut drive in Hungary 2006. Also nice to see Massa come back from the evil rumor mill with a solid win. Seriously, the way the Ferrari fans were demanding his head after Australia and Malaysia seemed pretty violent. For my part, I was sad to see that McLaren had such a rough weekend: good job Kovi, but I dare say Hamilton will be practicing some starts over the next 2 weeks. yowch.

    I liked the conjecture that Alonso should cash in his this-car-sucks out clause and ditch Renault next year for Toyota. Good thought!

    So umm… no comment on the continuing Mosley debacle?

    Now…where is the bar that you mentioned that actually would show an F1 race. Sounds like a place that deserves my patronage.

  2. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for writing! I agree with you on Kubica. Did you here that he lost almost 15 lbs for this season? Pretty impressive considering how fit he was last year.

    We decided not to mention Mosley’s, let’s say “trip to Chelsea” because we wanted to focus on the GP. However, I started a discussion topic about it on our facebook page, and would love for you to add your opinion.


    P.S. I haven’t nailed down which bar it is yet, but I am working on it 🙂

  3. Robin — Kubica’s weight loss is impressive. He’s so tall compared to other F1 drivers (6 feet-ish!) so implicitly brings more weight to the car. I guess to be competitive he had to lose the pounds. But seriously, what can the man eat? A crouton for lunch? Stray whiskers from Heidfeld’s beard for dinner?

  4. Hehe, Heidfeld’s stray whiskers.. yikes. : )

    I heard he lost muscle mass too, so it’s not just becoming more fit, but actually becoming smaller and potentially weaker just for ultimately a bit more flexibility with ballast in the car. That’s pretty amazing to me. It seems like the driver (and his hind end specifically) is at about the center of mass of the car, but I guess it’s worthwhile to have more options with ballast.

    Who knew?

  5. Hey guys,

    Jacques Villeneuve? C’mon! Ok, at least it got me to post a comment. I’m a new listener this season, and you guys really are doing a great job. Keep up the good work–catching up on the podcasts got me through the LONG offseason.

    As a BMW fan, I’m especially excited for Kubica, he seems to get it and his manner is well received among the other drivers. Now for Hamilton, I was definitely on his bandwagon last year, but what’s up with the one-fingered salute to Giancarlo and a Super Best Friends driver–when trying to pass for POSITION? Growing pains I suppose, but that was disappointing and I hope he learns to do better.

    Anyway, here’s to a good driver & constructor race this season (barring any more espionage).

  6. Thanks for the shout out on the last podcast, was a bit of a surprise, but very cool!

    It was really nice to hear you two giving your opinions on what is happening in F1 and not like other podcasts, that just blurt out the news and thats it.

    As a Mclaren fan, the last two races have been tough to watch, Heikki has fit into the team well, and will do great things during the season.

    Im not surprised at all about the form of Kubica, he it really working the BMW car to its limits and it ready to get that first BMW win.

    The scary thing is Ferrari are looking all dominating this season. Kimi is Dangerous and can win the title again while having a cup of tea in the process!

    Keep up the good work!

    P.S. The meeting at the bar thing must be a wee bit tough for me as I live in New Zealand ( now you know why I follow Mclaren)! But I’ll make sure to find a bar and raise a glass for you all on the other side of the world!

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