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Valencia will entertain in 2012! Hopefully…

The Valencia Street Circuit has bored virtually every Formula 1 fan in the world since the circuit’s debut in 2008, when Ferrari’s Felipe Massa took the victory. That year Valencia took over from the Nurburgring as the European Grand Prix, in the hopes of adding more grandeur to the event with a similar vibe to Monaco.


Monaco has pedigree and history topped off with a fat dollop of glamor, to be sure, but it’s also a unique and fantastic racetrack. The narrow streets twist, dive and ascend up and down a beautiful coast with a stunning view. A driver turns-in to many corners blind, shoots through tunnels, and brakes and turns over bumpy hills. It’s glorious chaos for a driver to overcome. That’s why nothing is more stunning than watching Senna qualify at Monaco on You Tube.

For Example:

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