Podcast 152: Chinese Grand Prix 2014

In this week’s show we discuss the Chinese Grand Prix, with help from Jamey Price. Hamilton and Mercedes continue to look untouchable. New boss at Ferrari has some revolutionary ideas! Red Bull orders Ricciardo to get around Vettel, again. What’s up with Kimi? And Jamey answers your questions. Visit http://funwithcars.com for more!

One thought on “Podcast 152: Chinese Grand Prix 2014”

  1. Hi guys,

    By accident i found your podcast a couple of years ago and never stopped listening. For me the podcast is something that i listen to after the race to get a ‘complete’ picture of the race weekend. Keep up the good work.

    I have a question for Jamey: I am a photographer myself but never could make a living with it.

    What did you do to get such a cool job? Do you think a picture of a f1 car on the top of eau rouge in belgium would make a great picture? Thanks in advance.

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