F1Show 102: Indian Grand Prix 2011

-F1 coming to New Jersey in 2013!

-RIP Marco Simoncelli

-Adrian Sutil’s F1 future, Force India likely to send him packing

-We captured an Englishman!

-Our Englishman shares some fascinating F1 Stories!

-Indian Grand Prix Friday practice and Hamilton already penalized

-Sebastian Vettel ties Senna’s record 13 poles in one season!

-Sebastian Vettel wins the inaugural Indian Grand Prix for Red Bull!

-Jenson Button drives brilliantly to finish second for McLaren

-Hamilton + Massa equal big boom, again!

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5 thoughts on “F1Show 102: Indian Grand Prix 2011”

  1. Brilliant show as usual, thanks for the effort you put in.

    Your guest Kevin was superb, but please tell me, who will get ownership of the signed cap he gave you?!

  2. Thanks for another great show. 🙂

    I thought Kevin did well; he provided some good insight without disrupting the rapport that Jim and Robin have.

    Just remember: “Craig” as in “Paid”, not “Said”. 😀

  3. Enjoyed the show, as usual, but it was fun for you to have a guest. Just don’t do it too often, as what we love is the banter between Jim and Robin.

  4. Here’s a trivia, when was the last time the team that won the constructors championship didn’t win the drivers championship? Who won it?

  5. Hi Jim: Thanks for the effort & all the info you provide on this blog – I was refered to your page by someone you know quite well (hint: she shares your b-day).

    I was also told about the plans on having F1 come to Austin next year: Do you have any further info about it; in particular, on which month it might take place?

    Cheers, and keep up the good work!

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