F1Show 075: British Grand Prix 2010

-Step aside Senna! It’s Sakon’s seat
-New Venues: Russia, South Africa, maybe Guam, who knows!
-McLaren’s blown diffuser, smooth as molasses and about as quick
-Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel takes Pole at Silverstone
-But Teammate Mark Webber absolutely owns the race!
-Red Bull front wing gate! Who puts a gate on a wing??!!
-McLarens make good in the race, without the new bits
-Williams strong for the second race in a row
-Ferrari delivers weaksauce, mild and bland
-Mid-Season F1 Teammate comparison, we rate them all!
-Listener Feedback/Trivia/Predictions
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11 thoughts on “F1Show 075: British Grand Prix 2010”

  1. Another great podcast guys and nice review of driver performance at the half way point!

    Glad to hear you guys think Webber is the better driver this year – completely agree! He’s showing more experience and determination than Vettel and it is paying off. I agree Lewis and Jenson are pretty close and it’s hard to call which of them is better this year, but for me Lewis has it by a nose at the moment given his ability to get better results from the car when it isn’t working at its best. Totally agree with you on ROS, KUB, SUT, ALO, BAR, KOB, CHA and GLO. I’m personally of the opinion that KOV and BUE are on top in their respective teams. KOV is more consistently ahead of TRU over a race weekend, and BUE is marginally ahead of ALG for the same reason.

    As for trivia, the answer is -: 2.8887 mi (4.649 km)

    Should be an interesting couple of weeks ahead with Webber and RBR….


  2. Hi guys, thanks for another great show, and thanks for reading out my comment from last time.

    I’ve just got back from Silverstone. A great atmosphere this year now we know we’ll have a Grand Prix to go to for the next 16 years.

    Much as I would have loved to see one of the Brits win I have to say that Mark Webber was awesome and thoroughly deserved the win.

    At the post race party Christian Horner was asked about Mark Webber’s “Not bad for a number 2 driver” comment and tried to convince everyone that Webber was referring to his second place on the grid. Do we believe that?

    I hope you enjoyed the fish and chips, with or without tartar sauce.

  3. “Do we believe that?”

    No. Because the tone in Horners voice when Webber won was so monotone, and he had a shot back at Webber too. He said something along the lines of “Do you think you could manage a smile now?”

    Webber than asked for his Chief Mechanic to be on the podium with him and the team then proceeded to send Newey’s No.2 guy.

  4. OK Robin, this is Ant Davidson’s answer to your conundrum about why Jense had (and has) so much difficulty in quali and yet was (is) able to scamper up the field in race conditions – this year’s tyres (both options and hard compound) and their particular characteristics…

    On full (race-conditions) ‘heavy’ fuel the boogars give El Buttone the confidence in grip he requires. Light fuelled in quali, they really do slide and are anathema to his style. However, they DO suit Lewis, who is very happy to slip/slide round bends and make that sucker dance to his tune in light-fuelled quali conditions.

    I think Ant’s (inside knowledge) hypothesis has a lot going for it…

  5. Hi Michael, Sorry, the sarcasm I intended with my question clearly didn’t come across. I don’t believe it either, for all the reasons you give, and I don’t think that anyone else who heard it did.

    It’s also interesting to note that in previous years Mark Webber, Sebastian Vettel and Christian Horner have all appeared together at Silverstone’s post race year party but this year Webber and Horner appeared separately and Vettel didn’t turn up at all (unless he arrived after Eddy Jordan’s band started playing at the end – too awful for words so I left at that point!)

  6. Silverstone: Great show! Then again, all of your shows manage to turn out pretty well (except for the solo shows). Being an Australian, it’s almost sad to see how Webber is being treated by Horner and friends (RBR in general) and to be honest, it’s disgraceful.

    If Webber is being treated as a number 2 driver, then he has no reason but to walk out on the team at the end of the season. But just you watch how Horner and friends will crawl back to him, asking for his services when he wins the title next year. My prediction, right there.

    As for Horner, pick up your act!

  7. Hey guys,

    Another great show as usual. Two bones to pick with you.

    1- Did you have to mention my prediction of Schumacher outscoring Rosberg?

    2- Being a huge Schumi fan, I think that Schumacher has done a better job then the numbers suggest. If we were to discount the bad luck he has had so far this season ( Mechanical problems, punctured tyre, getting Stuck in pits thanks to SC) he would have 5-5 score with ROS, which is still pretty bad considering that it is Schumacher we are talking about. I hope that he will improve and get back to his old form, otherwise I might need a shrink soon to get me over my impending Schumacher induced depression.

    Predictions: Vettel Pole, Vettel for the win

    Also, Schumacher will get closer to ROS if not beat him…

    Hoping that your podcast will be out soon after the race, going to a wedding and won’t be able to watch the race….

  8. @Tony Bird

    Certainly no apologies needed mate, your sarcasm is, as always appreciated, as are your comments.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Oh I forgot to give my predictions…


    Fastest Lap

    PS Did I mention I am a Webber fan?

    You can mark that down as my predictions for the next race and every other race after that (yes even after Webber retires).

  10. hey guys!, yet another wonderful podcast!

    The British gp was a brilliant race, especially to watch live at Silverstone on the outside of copse. Silverstone really does have a great atmosphere, was a great weekend going to watch it, the only bad thing to come out of it was the pretty bad sunburn :(.

    It was a shame to see how Webber was treated, he definitely should have kept his front wing, yes Vettel’s might of broken through no fault of his own but it was the wing he had that broke (that’s life) so should have gone back to the old wing instead of nicking Webber’s.

    Anyway my predictions, after watching FP1 and FP2 and seeing Mclaren struggle with lewis crashing out, and the rear blown diffuser I think they might not go quite as well this weekend, so im going to go to what has come the standard in quali each week you’ll never guess 🙂
    Vettel on pole

    howeverIi think the Mclarens race pace will be better than quali, and i think button might win if the conditions are a bit changeable like the other two races he’s won this year.

    PS At the beginning of the podcast you two were talking about the blown diffusers and needing to be on the gas to get it working properly, and red bull had gotten around it somehow. Well the two links bellow might be able to explain it to you.


    (james allen link talks about it in the 6th paragraph)

    If this is what Red Bull are doing it could be part of the reliability problem they have.

    PPS 11 comments so far?? that’s gotta be a new high! this comments page deserves an eternal coke!!! 🙂 just for 11 comments 🙂

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