F1Show 057: European Grand Prix 2009

– News and updates since Hungary: Massa is getting better, Schumi’s in, Schumi’s out, Badoer’s in, Renault can race, Piquet is fired, Alonso to Ferrari?
– Qualifying report
– Race Report: Button starts poorly, Buemi and Glock get together, Badoer is really really slow, Vettel’s engine explodes, Heikki does OK, McLaren miscues Hamilton, Rubens Barrichello wins in Valencia!
– Race analysis: Barrichello earned it, McLaren couldn’t have won anyway, Badoer is really really slow, Kimi doesn’t care anymore, Rosberg did well despite being hot, Kubica did surprisingly well, very little passing in the race but stategically interesting, F1 is moving back to small constructors over manufacturers, silly season will be silly.
– Listener feedback: http://f1show.com/interact
– Trivia: Just the answer from last episode’s question.
– Our Predictions from last race: Jim wins a Coke!
– Our Predictions for Spa
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One thought on “F1Show 057: European Grand Prix 2009”

  1. thanks for the show!

    just on the whole badoer performance topic, here’s an interesting graph i found:

    also some info on hamilton’s pitstop bungle:
    (from http://planetf1.com/story/0,18954,3265_5514086,00.html)

    “Talking to Ted ‘Asberger’s’ Kravtitz after the race Martin Whitmarsh chose his words extremely carefully. It was a ‘late call’ he said for Lewis to come in. The fact that we now know the team wanted him to go round for one more lap and that Lewis said no because he was committed to the pitlane entry sheds a lot of light on the situation. Rather than being a McLaren bungle it looks like a driver-failing-to-listen bungle. So, full marks to the front right tyre guy who didn’t look like he was in any panic to get the tyre out of the blanket; if Lewis wants to come in when he feels like it, then he can have the tyre on when they feel like it. Anthony Hamilton may well look pissed off, but he should listen to the radio traffic. Anyway, the pictures are just a bonus to us, the viewer. Before, we had Ron. Now, we have Anthony. Kovalainen looked faster than usual, but until he gets the same equipment the comparison is unfair.”

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