F1Show 046: Australian Grand Prix 2009

-Australian Grand Prix Race Report
-Brawn GP, what a debut!
-Qualifying madness, holy penalties Batman!
-Jensen Button, never loses the lead.
-While, Barichello plays bumper cars with Kovalainen
-six different teams score points today
-New Rules = Better Racing? We say yes!
-F1show predictions
-New! F1 show trivia. Test your knowledge.
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4 thoughts on “F1Show 046: Australian Grand Prix 2009”

  1. Hey guys great show. My predictions were not great I thought Kimi was gonna win. Great result for the Brawn cars but also great for Lewis 3rd in a slow car (allot of luck I know). It would be unfair if Button get the win taken away for the diffuser even though Lewis would get the win. I agree with Robin I think Lewis will win the title.

  2. Guys, great show…I just have one main comment that really is more me venting my frustration at so called professionals following and commentating on the F1. It seems to me that everyone in the media completely and utterly has either ignored the fact that both McLaren and Ferrari expended all of their resources in the tail of last year trying to win the 2008 season.
    I can remember many stories about various drivers complaining about their team strategies at the tail of last year, in that their teams had stopped developing for 2008;
    Robert Kubica and Jensen Button among them.
    So this so-called surprise that teams like Braun GP and Toyota etc, having incredibly faster racing packages makes complete and utter sense…doesn’t it? I mean come on, let’s use a bit of common sense here chaps…of course it does!
    I made the comment to my partner Tina, who is also a complete F1 Fan, whilst watching testing and the qualifying rounds, that “Anyone who rights off Lewis Hamilton from the Melbourne GP is either incredibly dumb, stupid, or paid absolutely no attention to his background and charachter traits. Lewis is the best driver fullstop! He showed his class, albeit with some help from a few incidents and crashes etc, but I think we are going to see something very special from Lewis this season. His has come a long way ‘mentally’ since his first season, and I am prepared to put money on it that he will win F1 again this season! Melbourne is proof of this.
    One other thing I must have a rave about – “Who was that idiot English commentator making absolutely absurd statements during the race e.g. Lewis may reconsider his team alignment based on this race – or something to that effect!” What a complete and utter plonker!!! How do we get rid of him? It wasn’t just statements about Lewis, there were heaps of other just completely unintelligent comments emminating from his oriface…complete crapoloa!
    Anyway, I’d just like to say, please keep up the intelligent dialog on your show, it’s a breath of fresh air compared to some of the idiotic statements being made by some of your media counterparts!

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