F1Show 043: Post-Season 2008 Update 2

– Honda is out F1. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Spec engines for 2010. No!!!!!!!!!!!
– Gold Metals replace points for the championship. No!!!!!!!!!
– Thanks to all of our fans!!
– Riegel Racing Rocks!
– Buy a Performance Box now!
– Good luck karting Paul Grainger!
– Happy Holidays!

3 thoughts on “F1Show 043: Post-Season 2008 Update 2”

  1. Nice overview show about F1 future.
    I believe F1 should be a show room for technological improvements in car industry, specially in the engine and tires. In that regard I think that a single engine is not a good deal.
    For me I would suggest that every manufacteur should present its own view under thigh restrictions to provide natural selection.
    Therefore in order to close the gap with normal car users, the engines should be not more than 2L and restrict fuel comsuption per race (like 20 L/100Km… that would provide enough performance per KM ), moreover the engines should be limited to 2 per race year (main block), what would improve endurance and lower the development prices. The chassis would be custom with limited wing design, again the to lower the variability between teams and development cost.
    Tires changes should be kept as is now, but with fewer mechanics per car per pit stop, much like indy car in US.
    Also the idea to introduce gap between pilots reflected on points per race is a great idea.

    I would forcast that engines would improve a lot, close the gap with normal users and improve ecological footprint…

    Pedro (belgium)

  2. thanks! another great podcast..
    i agree with all your points; its good to know everyone else has these concerns about the future too… whats going on?!

    btw thanks for saying my name 7 times 😛


  3. Seems that there are more things happening – the bbc site is reporting that there is an agreement on cost cutting measures for next year – it sounds like a step towards spec engines to me


    Details to be released on Friday

    surely we have this already in the shape of gp2 – it’s not bad but it’s not f1.

    Oh – and thanks for the mention on the last show.

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