F1Show 012: European Grand Prix 2007

– Introduction
– European Grand Prix Race Report
– Rain
– Hamilton’s Saga
– Winkelwho? Winkelhock!
– Alonso and Massa Battle in the wet
– Ferrari faster in the dry, Mclaren in the wet
– Alonso passes Massa… Brilliant!!!
– Kubica holds off a Ferrari!
– Raikkonen’s bad luck, It’s Z Germans!!
– Driver’s Championship
– Red Bull impresses themselves and most everyone else
– Massa’s emotions
– USGP When? Where?
– Mclaren steals Ferrari’s intelligence…Maybe.
– Send us email: feedback@f1show.com
– Sign off

4 thoughts on “F1Show 012: European Grand Prix 2007”

  1. Hey guys!
    Great show again!
    Too bad we won’t have F1 back in Indy in ’08
    but like you say Canada would be the closest,
    I hope something comes up and we have a race
    closer to Florida!
    How about SEBRING? or The Disney track? 🙂
    the argument between Massa and Fernando
    was conducted in Italian (?????)
    but It’s a Latin language that can be easily be picked up
    by any other Latin lenguage speaker.
    I thought it was one best highlights of the race.
    Fernando is closer to Lew Ham and hopefully to his
    third crown!
    Gracias Amigos!

  2. I am a new listener to your show beginning last week.
    A few comments which caught me off guard.
    Last week one of you said that a 10th (of a second) is not a lot of time in F-1. To that I have to ask what you are smoking? In F-1 that is enough time to slot in your teammate and nearest competitor!
    Then this week you all discussed your desire to have a Grand Prix in the US at a “proper track”. Wha?
    The Indy track has the huge pagoda, the museum, the only banked turn in F-1, the long front straight and hard right for passing, the infield straight ending with the slow left -right complex for passing, huge grandstands over looking the pit action and both open space in the grass and grandstand seating and several large screen TV’s throughout for fans to keep up with the race (very much like the Canadian GP), not to mention huge run off areas for safety.
    I am not sure what you all mean by a “proper track” but none of the tracks you all mentioned can compete with the amenities Indy brings to the table or am I missing something? I think the Indy race was scrapped as a result of the Michelin debacle…why have the constant reminder of a failed event when Bernie can just jump to another country and put it behind him?

  3. Chris,

    First Thank you for the feedback! You are the first to give us critcal feedback and we love it. Now to your points. Of course many grid positions have been determined by less than a tenth of a second, but often times the difference is much greater. Consider how often the top ten qualifiers are within a second of each other, almost never. Also Consider that if both Ferraris and Mclarens were lapping within a tenth of a second of each other at every race, we would have a legitimate four way battle at the end.
    And while Jim and I both appreciate several aspects of IMS it is, by F1 standards, a “mickey mouse” track, from a drivers perspective at least. Aside from the banking, the course is pancake flat. And yes the banking at Indy is unique to F1, but the drivers are no where near the limit of adhesian, hence it’s not that exciting. We would like them to go to a track that challenges the drivers skill and get them excited in a way that Indy just cannot achieve, despite the tracks rich history and good access to airports, city center and the like. So, since Indy is out, where would you like to see the event held?

  4. 10ths- one comment and I am done:
    Teams spend millions of Euros/dollars/quid to shave 10th from their times within the rules governing the sport (it matters!), however I do see your point about how that translates to the lap times from team to team and the impact that has on the overall product presented to the fans. (But that was not the context of the comment on the podcast-whatever, move on)

    As for where should the USGP be held?
    I think Miami, Long Beach, Hawaii and Detroit are serious contenders. Since moving to San Francisco I have tried to figure out a street course but cable car tracks, protesters (about anything) and other political pitfalls make it a nonstarter. Oakland would be better but not a high enough profile local to lure Mr. Ecclestone. Infineon has the grade changes you desire and the track can run an F-1 car (I’ve seen it) and I think with minor track adjustments could handle a grid and crowd but I think a street course is just cooler.
    Long Beach has hosted and should and could do it again.
    Hawaii is not in the lower 48 but the big Island could easily hold a street race there. It would be awesome no doubt.
    Miami would need to repave the developing downtown area and with the building boom going bust down there the contractors to pull it off will be available. Plus Miami already is viewed as a Metropolitan city and would enjoy the worldly exposure…of course this argument was better when JPM was in the mix. If only Massa could seize the South American audience like JPM did- then Miami would be close to the top choice.
    That leaves Detroit…they have hosted before, motor city is close to Canada which helps with the crowd draw, the course is fitting for the future car so longevity on the calendar will not be slighted by that detail. The proximity to Indy would not only keep the US draw, but Michigan would love to feel they nabbed the race from their neighbor, I am sure the politicians would pull out all the stops to get the race. Of course Mr. Ecclestone enjoys being unique to the other open wheel racing in the States and had it not been for the push to redevelop Indy- the race would not have been held there at all. The notion that driving on a track that cars in slicks race and perhaps run faster speed trap or overall lap times might deter that location. F-1 must always be viewed as the pinnacle; he will not risk the brand when he can have a brand new track in another country with tobacco sponsoring.
    I vote Long Beach until someone can sell me on another local. Maybe the south (Atlanta or Birmingham) , they need to know there is something better than going around in circles.
    keep up the good work

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