Podcast 149: Australian Grand Prix 2014

– F1 is back!
– What are the relative speeds? We don’t know!
– Trouble for Vettel, trouble for Hamilton
– Great day for Rosberg and the McLaren boys
– A run-down of the drivers
– A load of listener feedback
– Predictions, with an update for 2014
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One thought on “Podcast 149: Australian Grand Prix 2014”

  1. Re: Sound: Jim is totally right.

    Re: Noses: Did you notice Massa’s car be lifted off the ground by KOB’s low nose? Do the low noses pose more danger for lifting cars of the ground in collisions?

    Re: Eccelstone: Can we get rid of him yet? He wants to change the engine sound mid season purely because circuit owners are annoyed that it’s different. Regardless of one’s position on the new sound this is bizarre. He has helped the sport economically for himself but that’s it. Otherwise he just massively increases the sports insatiably and crazy quotient. Perhaps I am biased here but it really does seem like he lives in crazy-go-nuts-land.

    Re: Podcast: Awesome.

    Re: Sidenote: I encourage you to watch Sky coverage as the commenting is superior (not as superior to yours obviously) and they had answers to several questions you had. I realize you are not in the UK (as I am not either…rather Saskatchewan) but I torrent them and usually get them 1 day or so later. Which if you can’t watch them live anyways… (then you also get great pre quali, post quali, pre race, post race). Just a thought.


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