Podcast 129: Bahrain GP 2013

– We’re back together at last!

– Another Vettel dominant performance.

– Another forgettable Ferrari weekend.

– Lotus can be happy, 2nd and 3rd!

– Force India still doing well.

– McLaren teammates keep it interesting.

– Listener feedback

– Predictions

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 129: Bahrain GP 2013”

  1. Hi Ray, we decided to focus our attention on Bahrain as opposed to talking for too long at once. I personally did not get to watch the China GP, but it sounded a like a wonderful event. I hope you got to see it! -Robin

  2. Robin, I know you’re in love with Button…………you’ve lost your mind man! (Possibly have an excuse I suppose)

    At that point in the race, Perez was faster than Button, fact. When Perez hit Button, Button was defending into the corner, but he also defended, off the racing line, out of the corner, which meant slowing down unexpectedly on exit. This caught Perez out. (Antony on Sky’s F1Show showed Button this fact, he couldn’t defend himself)

    Then 2 corners later button pushes Perez off the track, also a fact.

    In the end, Button caused both cars to ruin their tyres. Whitmarsh should have ordered Perez past, as he was quicker and would have been much further ahead if he was let past Button. This desision lost McLaren points 🙁

    Sour grapes on Robins part due to Perez stealing his F1 ride (now is a good time for Jim to get the Perez interview clipped to just the bit……. ‘robin Warner , I don’t know him’ ) 😉 ;-);-)

  3. When are you going to mention Road and Track? After 2 years of listening to you guys I stumble on an article oddly similar to the creators of The F1 Show…

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