F1Show 056: Hungarian Grand Prix 2009

-Last Week follow-up
-Get Better Felipe Massa!
-Fernando Alonso on Pole, Wowsers!
-Timing and scoring gets wonky
-Hungarian Grand Prix Race Report
-Hamilton back to his winning ways, stunning performance!
-Nico Rosberg 4th, a podium can’t be far off
-Webber moves to second in the drivers Championship
-Bad Luck Adrian Sutil.
-Bad Luck Fernando Alonso, I hope things are tight in the future…
-Brawn, off the pace, Jenson says “fix it, please!”
-F1 show tri-tri-trivia. Test your knowledge.
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One thought on “F1Show 056: Hungarian Grand Prix 2009”

  1. Fantastic to see Hamilton where he belongs, from the first corner the result was never in doubt. Jenson & Brawn need to go back to the drawing board and work out where they made a wrong turn in development.

    Will we see a repeat performance in Valencia, I believe so!

    Peter House
    Bath, UK

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