F1Show 044: Pre-Season Update 2009


-2009 cars are ugly!

-Sebastian Buemi gets the 2009 Toro Rosso seat

-Bernie Eccelstone is a jerk!

-Wow the 2009 cars really are ugly!

-KERS, where we at?

-Oh My God, the new Ferrari is so ugly!!

-One bit of good news, for now, 2010 spec engines are dead.

-Thanks to everyone for keeping in touch

-Barack Obama, Lewis Hamilton, making it happen.


-2009 Ugly!

6 thoughts on “F1Show 044: Pre-Season Update 2009”

  1. The cars aren’t the best looking but I’m sure we will all get used to them.

    Anyway good show guys.

  2. ya… the cars are ugly…
    but i kinda like the streamlined look.

    they better make the racing awesome, and increase overtaking! otherwise they might of killed the sport… haha

    thanks heaps! keep up the podcasts!

  3. Hi Jim and Robin, this is Matt in Great Britain. I’ve just discovered your podcast and wanted to say that it’s excellent. It’s nice to see there are still some real F1 fans left in the States. We are always told by ‘our mate’ Bernie that no one is interested in North America to try and convince us Indy and Montreal aren’t needed. This is clearly Bullshit!

    I agree the cars are awful, it seems we have gone back 10 years when the sport should be on the cutting edge of technology. Why didn’t they just loosen the rules and engine blocks to actually let the engineers do what they do best and build the best possible state of the art cars. Isn’t that what F1 is all about, the pinnacle of sporting and engineering excellence?

    What do you guys thinks about the possible involvement of Virgin in saving Honda?

    I look forward to the race reports, thanks Matt.

  4. Love the Show!!! have been listening for a year. great to see that people are still interested in F1 in the states. I live in Australia an yes you can buy a renault down under. btw i will be racing a lotus elise HONDA POWER, red/orange car 78 in the Australian GT series prior to the F1 GP at Albert park. Car has not been tested yet so i am not expecting much, however i am excited just to be there!

    Thanks again

    Justin Levis

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