F1Show 021: 2007 Post-Season Update

In this episode we cover all the developments that have happened since the Brazilian Grand Prix:

– Driver lineups

– Team personnel changes

– Court decisions

– Team changes 

3 thoughts on “F1Show 021: 2007 Post-Season Update”

  1. Kazuki Nakajima had a solid GP2 year? You’ve got to be kidding. Go look at the results. One second place and a few thirds. Three times eigth, and ten times out of the points. That is about as solid as Ralf. He’s getting the job at Williams exactly the same way that Sato got Frentzen’s ride at Jordan. Some prick in Japan said “If you want our engines, you need a Japanese driver”.
    Gary Shavit
    Netanya, Israel

  2. The term “solid” is a bit subjective here. As you said, he was on the podium a few times; second twice and third three times. He also finished 5th in the championship this year and performed well in his first Grand Prix in Brazil. But your point is well taken. Thanks for the comment Gary! -Robin

  3. Great show guys! Interesting thought, Pedro De La Rosa made a comment during the year, being a test driver is like a race driver with out the photo shoots, like you guys, I have a feeling this is were Alex will feel like home. Being a test driver at Williams.

    Just another thing, I doubt Heikki will be at Renault next year, Nelson Jr will be driving in the second seat and Alonso in the first maybe?! IF Macca can get the services of Heikki this will be a killer team to watch out for next year.

    Peace guys

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