British Grand Prix 2012 trackside

Jim and I greatly enjoyed the 2012 British Grand Prix. The television coverage gave us a great summary of the race as a whole, allowed us to focus on, and see the details of, the most fiercely fought battles on track, and once it was all said and done, we got to see and hear Jackie Stewart interview the podium with wonderful clarity. But, of course, all of those experiences pale in comparison  to actually attending the Grand Prix at Silverstone. The ability to take in the smells, absorb the atmosphere, and immerse oneself in the chaos and energy of the crowd far surpasses the greatest TV coverage by leaps and bounds. Craig “The Kilt” Wilson got that experience and wanted to share. So take a minute and loose yourself in the real British Grand Prix! – Robin

Audio from the start:

Three laps in:
Lap 3

Final lap:
Final lap

Awesome! Truly awesome.