Taste of the Race

Every once in a while Jim and I get an email that truly impresses us and makes us feel great about contributing to the F1 community with our humble podcast. This email we got from Josh is an excellent case in point. In fact, we were so impressed that we wanted to share with everyone. And as promised on the podcast, here is his email including all the pictures he sent us. Truly impressive! Josh, you’ve taken Taste of the Race to the next level. Our hats are off to you!



Jim and Robin,

My friends and I have been inspired by the idea you mentioned of doing a “taste of F1” and I thought the two of you would get a kick out of what we’ve been up to so far this season. It started with “burgers with the lot” for Australia and has only gone up in complexity from there. We don’t make any claim to extreme authenticity (and as dim-witted Americans like yourselves we feel entitled to do whatever we want and ignore what we don’t like), but we have been putting in a good effort, and it’s all been mostly homemade except for Malaysia. I’m sending this along as an email because my Facebook photo album can’t be shared with your show’s page.

Australia = “Burgers with the lot” (bacon, cheese, beet, pickle, tomato, lettuce, fried egg, pineapple), roasted kumara (sweet potato) salad, marinated prawns, lamington for dessert, and sparkling shiraz.


Malaysia = roti canai (pancake and potato dipping sauce), nyonya laksa (coconut soup and noodles), char kway teow (noodle stir fry), pineapple fried rice (which was not in a hollowed pineapple like the menu said), bbq pork chop, coconut pudding (in a hollow coconut) and coconut water. This time we were lazy and got takeout.


China = General Tso’s Chicken, Szechuan green beans, and shrimp Fu Yung, pork, chicken. Seafood rolls and steamed dumplings from the store, Tsingtao beer, and homemade Mango pudding (not pictured).


Bahrain = Lamb saliq, salad shirazi (cheating with romaine lettuce), falafels, yogurt sauce, and rosewater hibiscus drink. Pistachio baklava, and almond halva (from the store). We also did flaming drinks with Bacardi 151 on account of the protests.


Spain = An tapas-style feast with an array of Spanish meats, olives, and cheeses, tortilla espanola, crostini with tomatoes and avocado, cheese-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, stuffed peppers and Vinho Verde wine.


Monaco = breaded frogs legs, mussels steamed in vermouth, croissants, crepes with ham and gruyere and marmalade, haricots verts a la maitre d’Hotel, and pommes duchesse, with martinis.


Yeah, we’re gigantic nerds and big foodies. Thanks for the inspiration and keep up the good work on the podcast.

Regards, Josh Anderson

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  1. I am so impressed by the beautiful array of food laid out in those photos! Will have to get off my backside and try a taste of the race as well!

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