Stats post Russian Grand Prix

Ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix, coming up 15 May 2016, Fun with Cars put together statistics of the season thus far. We sorted the teams in alphabetical order, then placed the drivers in that team in championship order. There are 8 categories:

  1. Number of wins
  2. Best Result
  3. Average Result
  4. Number of times a points finished was achieved
  5. Total points scored
  6. Average points scored per race
  7. Percentage of possible points scored
  8. Championship postion*

*With no points scored, our championship order may vary slightly from what reports.

Look for updates after each Grand Prix and please don’t hesitate to point out mistakes. We look forward to hear your opinions on what the numbers tell us. I’ll get us started with a couple that caught my eye.

  • Nico Rosberg scored 100% of the possible points he could score with his four wins.
  • Mercedes scored 91% of the possible points the team could score.
  • Haas is fifth in the Constructors Championship, ahead of Toro Rosso, McLaren, and Force India. Every one of 22 points scored by Romain Grosjean.

Did any of these statistics surprise you? Let us know!

-Robin FWC stats 05092016