Sebastian Vettel, Go Indycar Racing

15 years racing in the pinnacle of motorsport. 57 pole positions. 53 wins, which is more than Alain Prost by the way. And four Driver’s World Championships. What a phenomenal career. And you’re just 35! Seriously impressive all the way around. Moreover, up and down the grid, you’ve earned admiration and respect as a human being. Perhaps—no—definitely the more impressive result here.

But, again, you’re only 35. That’s young! Do you even shave yet? You’ve got quite a bit of life ahead of you. And, no doubt, the thrill of pulling lateral g’s in a race car will come calling. Answer it. And do so in a purer form of the sport. Eschew all the politics and unnecessary drama. Race at tracks where the limits are signified by grass, or gravel, or concrete walls, not a cadre of stewards looking at computer monitors. Come to Indycar.

Indycars do not have power steering, good for upper body strength. Indycars to not porpoise, at all, and yet provide closer racing than Formula 1. Indycars will start racing a carbon net zero fuel next year, not 2026. And, oh yeah, in 2024 the engines will be hybrids with 1000 horsepower.

Come to Indycar, where the calendar starts in February and ends in September and includes a balanced schedule with plenty of off-time between events to spend time with your family; and with media obligations fewer and farther between.

Join Alexander Rossi, Marcus Ericsson, Takuma Sato, and Romain Grosjean as former F1 drivers wheeling hard on the wide variety of Indycar circuits. Plunge down the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, carve your way through Madness at Mid-Ohio, and keep your right foot pressed against the firewall through the kink at Road America. Classic tracks, the lot of ‘em, that get near universal praise of drivers from all over the world.

Cheerlead the tangible reductions in carbon footprint that Indycar made and continues to make. Showcase your supreme car control skills in a race car capable of winning, regardless of which team you join.

Get closer to the fans. Interact with them. Weave through the crowds in the paddock on your scooter, golf cart, or bicycle. Have the chance to casually give an autograph, or stand for a selfie, or just chat for a few seconds. You have time. You don’t have 100 different obligations and a daily schedule whittled down to the minute from 6:00-10:00pm.

Come to Indycar, where the racing is pure, the driving elite, and life is good.  

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