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A few of our most astute listeners have already noticed a couple of changes here at The F1 Show. And while you haven’t heard from us in the month of August so far, Jim and I have in fact been busy working on the show, mainly in a legal sense. A few weeks ago, we received a letter from Formula 1 US legal representation demanding that we cease and desist all use of “F1” in our name, logo, and website; as it might be confused with something officially affiliated with the real deal. Of course, Jim and I disagree with this claim and find it a bit silly to even waste the time dealing with our, to paraphrase Jeremy Clarkson, pokey little racing podcast. However, Jim and I equally feel uninterested and ill-prepared to defend our logo and use of the name in court. So we have acquiesced to their request and are changing the name and logo of the podcast and website.

As ever, Jim and I see this bump in the road as an opportunity to expand our car/racing geek empire and branch out beyond our Formula 1 racing news podcast and into the broader world of auto racing, our own amateur racing, and other car-geek related awesomeness. So in that spirit we are proud to officially announce our new name: Fun with Cars!

We believe the title, Fun with Cars, embodies all of our passions and interests into one succinct phrase. That’s not just a new name for the show, though. It’s bigger than that. Over time, Fun with Cars will be a destination for all of our auto and racing projects with videos, blogs, and podcasts. Some F1-related, some not, but all fun and all involving cars and racing. Future coverage will include our new racing team, WarnerLau Racing, which is currently building a 1992 Honda Prelude for 24 Hours of Lemons competition, an endurance racing series for old junkers with a maximum initial value of $500. Of course, the nucleus of this new venture remains our podcast, which we plan to continue uninterrupted as one part of the new site under the new, generic name, The Fun with Cars Grand Prix Show.

Everything is online at but for a while the old web address will continue to work. Most all podcast subscribers will be moved to the new site automatically, but in case you’re not, please check that you are subscribed to in your player. If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, you will automatically be switched over. If not, you should follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with everything we do!

So, please don’t be sad for us, but join in the excitement of the next chapter of our podcast, and really our online existence, Fun with Cars!

-Jim & Robin

10 thoughts on “Fun with Cars”

  1. So, nothing to do with Sky then? Could this mean a sale of the name to them?

    There’s so many F1 related websites with F1 in the title, I presume they will all shut down? Most will not have loads of cash to fight this.

    I have seen a trademark (TM) appearing next to loads of F1 related websites and tv programmes recently. Does this mean they have permission to use F1, or are they paying to use F1?

    When did they actually trademark ‘F1’? I thought this was all settled years ago that they couldn’t trademark ‘F1’. Will they chase down keyboard manufacturers now? 😉

    All in all, it leaves a bad taste, and really makes them look like complete ****s. 🙁

    So, this means the F1Show tee shirts are collectors items, a piece of sporting history, nice, mine will be on eBay next week 😉

    Anyone want a banner………

  2. You cannot trademark letters and numbers. F1 cannot be legally trademarked. You are being bullied into submission. There it’s no reason to change your name as whoever contacted you has absolutely no case. Fight it.

  3. So does that mean I will have to get a new t shirt to wear whenever I listen to a podcast? 😉

  4. Rhys – I’m not sure you’re correct about that. See:

    Issued just this year, so the laws may be changing about these things.

    We agree that if this whole thing went to court we could be found not be actually be infringing on their trademarks, but we don’t have the resources to do so against such a big opponent. We’d rather spend our time making more cool stuff for the world than battling outside our expertise in court.

  5. Craig,

    as I linked in the previous comment, they have found a way to trademark F1, as it pertains to many many areas. Obviously not computer keyboards, but with regards to the broadcast of information via TV/radio/internet, beverage branding, clothing, auto-related products like lubricants, perfume, and so on and so on.

    But yes, the F1 Show shirts are certainly more collectible now. I’m going to buy a small stash from Robin just to show my grandkids or whatever.

    I’ll post some more thoughts on the facebook thread.

  6. Tom, you can wear the old one as proof that you listened before we were cool. But also if we make FwC shirts you’ll want to get one of those as well, as I’m sure they’ll be nice! 🙂

  7. I like the way you’re approaching this, and I’m looking forwards to the larger site, it would be interesting to know more about you racing car project – I’m expecting videos!

    Keep up the great work.

  8. This news both annoys and upsets me in regards to this company, but I fully understand the mature action you both have taken. I’m not entirely convinced by the new name but of course this will not affect me listening to each podcast, visiting the site and facebook page like I have done for a few years now. Onwards and upwards guys, keep up the good work!

  9. Kudos to you guys for choosing to retain a positive resolve and shake lemon martinis out of this. It is a bit of a shotgun-to-a-butterfly approach by whomever it was that contacted you (if they are indeed who they say they are…), but nevertheless, I do agree that your time and available resources are best applied to exploring and expanding your brands’ potential. Tons of great motor racing out there to talk about (BTCC, DTM, ALMS, Indy, MOTOGP, WRC…), so it would be cool to have a bit of an all-inclusive netcast (if that is what you’re planning).

    The new name doesn’t quite cascade off of the tongue, but hey, in time. I’m willing to bet the discussion for the new name went something like this:

    “what if we combine ‘F’ and ‘One’ into one word?”

    “…uhhh, ok. but then it would sound like ‘Fwun’. Wait, that’s brilliant!”

    “wait a minute, pump the brakes because ‘Fwun’ sounds a lot like ‘fun’ to me.”

    “my goodness, spot on in your analysis, you are!”

    I’m sure from then on there were deep exchanges as to what should follow “fun”, and lo, here we are. Anyway, keep up the good work guys.

  10. Loving the show, so glad that you didn’t shut it down under legal pressure. What about Fun (with cars) One Show or The F(wc)1 show?

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