More Tastes of Races

Our foodie fan Josh Anderson and his friends have been keeping up with making tasty meals in the style of the host countries for races through the season. Here is what he has come up since the last update:

Germany: Bockwurst and sauerkraut, wiener schnitzel, spinach and cream sauce, blaukraut, potato pancakes, Hofbrau Dunkel and Hacker-Pschor Oktoberfest (in a boot!), with homemade Black Forest Cake.

Hungary: Beef stroganoff with homemade noodles, creamed spinach, Gyulai smoked sausage, homemade dobos torte, with Rieder beer (Austrian, but we figured there are historical connections between Austria and Hungary), and slivovitz (plum brandy).

Belgium: endive salad, homemade fries and homemade mayonnaise , beer-braised meatballs, and a wide array of Belgian beers (in a Kwak stand). For dessert, Belgian waffle and kriek.

Italy: three cheese and pancetta pizza, homemade gnocchi, prosciutto and melon, caprese salad, and tiramisu cupcakes, with chianti and aglianico wines, and sambuca liqueur.