Italian Grand Prix, notes and news.

As we mentioned in the last podcast, Jim is currently out of town, well out of the country actually, and we are hence unable to make a podcast directly after the Italian Grand Prix. However, my more domesticated, less jet-setty self did watch the race and will push Jim to do the same as soon as he gets home so we can do a delayed podcast. However, I cannot make any promises, so we may have to wait until Singapore.

In general, it sounds as if our tweaked format largely went over well. Jim and I have more fun debating particular points of the race than giving the “news” of what happened in the race. Besides, most of you already have seen the race when listen to the podcast, so it was a waste of everyone’s time. That said, we’ve heard from “The Kilt” et al that Listener Feedback is indeed a fun part of the show and we will henceforth bring that segment back.

As of now, we haven’t heard much from you guys about alternative names to “The Grand Prix Show” so for the time being we will run with that. But if anyone experiences an epiphany, please share, as we have yet to set anything in stone. Jim and I have also kicked around some ideas for more videos and other things that fall under the “Fun With Cars” umbrella that we will definitely share once they are finished. Hopefully this expansion of scope will be something you guys enjoy. After all, I never thought I would turn to McLaren for my animation-based entertainment. Who knew?

As for Monza, great race! I definitely was gutted to see Button fall-out of second place, slightly less gutted to see Vettel dropout a little later on (still a Button fan) and then totally shocked to see Webber spin and then exit the race himself! Kudos to Hamilton for driving a flawless race and kudos to Alonso for engaging the crowd so effectively on the podium, he even became the cameraman for a minute!

So, what would you guys like to hear about? Vettels penalty for his block against Alonso? Kimi Raikkonen’s advance to third in the championship? Massa’s performance and team orders? Let us know and we’ll talk about it on the next show.


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4 thoughts on “Italian Grand Prix, notes and news.”

  1. First of all, I like the name “Grand Prix Show”. Reminds me of an old 70s Japanese animation I watched as a kid called “Grand Prix (No Taka)”, which featured a Japanese protagonist driving a unique 8-wheeled! F1 car against Niki Lauda, Mario Andretti and the likes in a late 70s setting! I know it’s hard to believe that this exists, but it’s true!

    …But I digress.
    I would like you to give your take on the superiority of Ferrari and Mercedes engines at Monza. Also, do you think the RBR drivers and Kimi can still fight for the championship given their fading form. Will the different nature of the upcoming tracks change things?

    Could Kobayashi have done what Perez did if he had been on the same strategy? Is McLaren going to dominate the rest of the season?

    That’s about it. Cheers from Finland,
    shame about the delay, but looking forward to the podcast!

  2. I think the Vettel penalty is the most obvious talking point. The comparison with the reverse last year is pure gold.

    I like Miika’s suggestion of discussing the potentials for the remaining races. McLaren look to be the ones to beat, but will the upcoming track layouts favour Red Bull, or even Ferrari or Lotus. Are the obvious overheating problems that Red Bull are having likely to be an issue in other countries?

    I noticed back in show 115 that you appeared to be spending more time discussing a single topic (Maldonado vs Perez at Silverstone). I for one really enjoy this approach. As you’d say, I’d rather hear your opinions on a few topics than have you just rattle off a script of the race.

    I can’t think of anything better than “The Grand Prix Show”: it “does what it says on the tin” as a famous DIY supplier is prone to say.

  3. Great race in my opinion, massa upfront (about time) and Hamilton taking the win. Would have been a perfect race if button had finished in p2.
    I completely agree about Maldonado, he is just finding his feet, most good drivers seem to have a bit of a aggressive phase ( e.g senna (ayrton) and Hamilton ) hopefully he will turn into a great driver, not just a wad of money in Williams f1s pockets

    Love the show and lookin forward to hearing your opinions


  4. The show name means little to me, as I would listen no matter what the title. You come up 7th in Google results for “formula 1 podcast”, and 10th for “F1 podcast”, so as long as folks can find you, all is good. To me, it’s “F1 Methadone”. Please address Vettel’s sudden lunge at Raikkonen off the start. I’ve not heard anyone talk about this. Kimi got a great start and moves (cleanly, I think) to the middle, and Vettel slams him, a move that could’ve had a worse outcome than Grosjean’s. Kimi’s quick thinking saved it, and I also think his rise into 3rd is a great topic. Mr. consistency, and my favorite for a decade. Checo is a great topic as a possible podium regular, and Sauber deserves some talk, but I don’t care a lick about silly season predictions. Great work, guys!

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