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Two movies to watch during the off-season

As the 2014 Formula 1 pre-season tension continues to build, Jim and I took a break from the headlines to watch a couple movies. What did we watch? Why Formula 1 movies, of course. And, since Jim and I tend to agree on nearly nothing (ice cream is better!) we decided to argue with each other about which movie is better and share our debate with the world. First we watched the feature film Rush, dramatizing the 1976 season and the rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Then we saw the documentary simply titled 1 that covers a wide span of F1 history; focused mainly on the evolution of safety between the deaths of Jim Clark and Aryton Senna. So what did we think?

Really, we picked a great combination of movies to while away a Saturday. We liked them both! Of course I prefer one and Jim the other. And, duh, I’m right. If you happened to miss either of these we have links to them below.

A Lap of the Port Imperial Street Circuit

Now that we are finally finishing the transition from the old show name to the new, we have re-cut and posted our video lap of the Port Imperial Street Circuit in New Jersey, site of the Grand Prix of America starting in 2014. Ride along with us as we drive the circuit, complete with data overlay and commentary.