The Predictions Game 2013

As we’re just days away from the first race of the 2013 season, and even closer to the first Friday practice, I want to make everyone aware of the Fun with Cars F1 Predictions Game. I’m sure you’ve heard us talking about it on the show and on the site, but for anyone who hasn’t actually used it, now is the time! It’s an app that’s on our Facebook page, but doesn’t really work within the Facebook mobile apps, so please click on the image above or visit to officially enter your prediction for who you think will be on pole for this Grand Prix, and who you think will win. Predictions have to be in before Friday practice, so they’re not informed by last-minute testing pace. On that page, click “Make Your Prediction” on the right-hand side, and choose the buttons for the drivers you want to pick.

After the race, the results will be tabulated, and you can see how close your prediction was to being on pole and winning the race. You get one point for every spot off P1 your driver ends up. As you keep predicting through the season you can see how well your predictions stack up against other fans, the hosts of the show, and our simple “control” who just guesses that whoever was on pole last time will be again, and whoever won last time will win again. It’s great fun, especially if you start right from the beginning of the season, so head there now and enter some predictions! And thanks as always to Neil Popham, the predictions stud who wrote the predictions app for us!