Let the season begin!

I love this weekend. I had a good time following a few races so far this year, but I sit now in front of the computer, iPad, and TV after three in the morning during a delay in qualifying for the Australian Grand Prix. Once Qualifying is over, I’ll get some rest, then follow the 12 Hours of Sebring all day Saturday, maybe a bit more rest, then up late again for the race in Oz. Then during the day Sunday, I could catch some of the MotoGP action happening in Austin at Circuit of the Americas, or even watch some NASCAR from Bristol.

I’m still recovering from my back surgery, so I can’t really drive much and I have to move around slowly, but once I’m parked comfortably surrounded by technology and all this racing, what could be better? I send out a massive thanks to all our fans and followers who join in on the blog, Facebook, and Twitter. That’s a huge part of the fun for me. From the comfort of home I can enjoy several types of world-class racing with friends from around the world.

I feel like this year will be special for a variety of reasons. I watched the Daytona 500 to see the new cars, which look great, and of course to see how Danica could hold her own. It makes me want to keep closer tabs on NASCAR than I have in previous years. It’s the last of the V8’s in F1, but with new tires for everyone to figure out, amped-up KERS, and all the driver-switchery that happened since the end of last season. It’s also the last year of the Grand AM Series and American Le Mans Series, as they just announced details of the new unified series, United SportsCar Racing. I am hopeful that the new series will bring out the best of sports car racing to the US in terms of drivers, teams, and sponsors, and should eliminate some of the confusion of Grand AM and ALMS class structures from the past. One sports car season that includes the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, Circuit of the Americas, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and Petit Le Mans? Factory Audis, Toyota Hybrids, Corvettes, and the DeltaWing? Yes please!

So all looks hopeful and good for racing in the US and around the world, if only this Australian qualifying will get underway so we can see how the grid will shape up!


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  1. Much love to you Jim, and to Robin of course too – shame about the delayed quali but what can you do? Look forward to hearing from you both when you’re able

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